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Traffic & Law enforcement

e-challan Automation:

Technology is the most important partner for law enforcement. Instead of a traffic police standing in the middle of traffic to take a picture/manually enter the vehicle numbers of the citizens who jump the signal by watching CCTV camera’s and send traffic challan by postal mail, Oyper Number Plate Recognition (NPR) Camera’s Identify the vehicles that jump the signal, Pull the number plate from the vehicle and add it to the electricity bill. The citizens pay their traffic challans with electricity bills by the end of the month. This ensures traffic fines are paid on time and also ensures strict enforcement on people jumping the traffic signal day and night.Oyper NPR cameras ensureechallanto be a people free automated system saving unnecessary expenditure on people, multiply revenues by automated echallan system and Traffic police can focus on their core activities leaving challan enforcement to Oyper NPR cameras.

In-car Automation:

Without technology identifying Stolen vehicles, Stolen Plates, who do not have license, Who holds suspended license, uninsured vehicles, Pending 5 or more traffic ticketsor identifying vehicles with criminal Background or drunk and drive history are all a daunting task, if one have to do it manually hundreds of cops have to work with very less productivity.

Oyper In-car Automation Suite makes cops productive & save plenty of time, The cop simply have to drive the car on the roads.While the cops patrol,Oyper NPR Cameras identify the vehicle numbers, compares the numbers with various databases and notify the cop on the car dashboard if the cop’s attention is needed.Oyper NPR Cameras are pretty fast to process, Compare with respective databases and Notify the cop in one second a vehicle number.

Vehicle Tracking:

Tracking a vehicle is one of the most important tasks of a cop in identifying the suspects. With Oyper Vehicle Tracking, cops simply have to type the vehicle number and can see the travelled path of that vehicle on a map each day, its that simple. Oyper Vehicle Tracking provides many filters more than 20 to track vehicles, Vehicle Tracking have become more handy for investigations and help solve many cases easily without which the possibility of solving such complex cases are next to impossible.

Secure Collaboration (Cars & Mobiles):

While the cops work all times and at distributed places like in office, Cars while patrolling and at the crime scene they will need the data to be accessible all the time to help them be productive at work and provide better citizen experience. Oyper secure collaboration just does that, enabling cops all times in all places to access and add, edit information and collaborate with its colleagues to share information securely. Information such as Pictures, videos, Text, Voice, Files can be shared among cops instantly.

Citizen complaints &Redressal:

When the citizens are in danger or need help, cops have a duty to attend them within the minimum possible time and rescue citizens and Oyper Citizen complaints&redressal system enables the citizens to seek help from traffic & law enforcement agencies. Based on proximity the request is routed to the nearest available cop for a quick first response to avoid any major consequences of danger to the citizens.

Addressing Intrastate crimes:

Criminals are every where actively moving from one place to another across jurisdictions, cities and states planning the next crime and challenging the cops. Its not enough to just take care of the jurisdiction for a cop anymore, he needs to know who is coming in and going out of his limitskeeping track of the criminals helps them to stop that next big crime and safeguard the citizens. Oyper provides a platform for cops to share the information on criminals and collaborate effectively, Cops can have full information on every criminal entering his jurisdiction. Such a collaboration among states will help arrest crime to a large extent.

Traffic Monitoring (Cops, citizens and organizations) – web and mobile:

Heavy traffic on the roads lead to traffic jams leading to huge waste of time for lakhs of citizens every day across the country and this situation is here to stay so why not manage the situation well. Oyper traffic monitoring cameras provides intelligence every minute on the road, we at Oyper bring you this intelligence to help you with real-time traffic information and the best route to take to reach the destination quicker. Individuals can simply download a mobile app (available on android and IOS).

Organizations can integrate this traffic data into their applications through our API’s and enable their users to travel better.