Data is being captured by Governments and Organisations for a long time now. Data that is important for day to day business is being stored in databases and certain information as logs and the world worked just fine. The word big data is coined to set a new dimension towards data, setting a new vision for the world in the form of smart cities for citizen centric governance, smart grids for energy independence, smart homes for safe and affluent neighborhoods, Clean water availability, food safety and so on. Now the question is why now?

Increasing populations, Connected economies, Growing middle class spend capacity, Global Competition are creating a new set of needs for the global citizens. These needs can only be addressed properly by making these scarce resources available to all for which the wastage has to be addressed, efficiency has to be improved and it all starts by understanding the existing behaviors and these behaviors have to be captured somewhere. This is where big data comes into picture.

The existing databases(Rdbms) are designed for transactional data and are incapable of handling such vast information. Not just storing but speed of retrieving data also is very important and new technologies are emerging for such needs.

I am quite positive about the new vision to become the new world order because its not an option for governments but it is a need that should be addressed immediately to feed people, to provide quality power and secure neighborhoods. We are quickly travelling in this direction as governments globally are allocating huge budgets for smart initiatives is the proof of this.